CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns

You’ve just received the diagnosis: you need a crown on one of your teeth. Immediately, you think to yourself, “how can I take multiple days off work? How will I plan time to and from appointments? Will I have to take messy impressions? Will I have to get numb multiple times? What will I do if my temporary crown breaks at work or on the weekend?.” Now imagine if you could get that crown done in one short, comfortable and convenient appointment. This alternative to traditional crowns, CEREC same-day crowns, is here to save you time, complication and is so much more convenient than before. Prairie Lakes Dental is proud to offer you this service from our skilled doctors and staff.

What does CEREC mean?

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. While the name may be difficult to say, the benefits are obvious. First off, there are no impressions necessary; your mouth is digitally scanned, quickly and comfortably. The crown is designed and created right in the office while you wait, which means there is no need to have multiple visits or temporaries. The material is a high density ceramic, perfectly shaded to match your other teeth, and then bonded into place. After just one short visit, you end up with a beautiful new tooth, which has been designed and fitted to the exact specifications of your mouth.

Durable and long lasting.

Your new CEREC crown will be just as durable and last at least a long as a traditional crown. The ceramic material used is one of the strongest materials used for dental work. Cost can often be a factor for any dental service, and with CEREC crowns, the cost is the same as traditional crowns. CEREC crowns can be used to change the look of your entire smile for cosmetic enhancement, as well as correct a problem or repair a tooth. CEREC can also be used to fabricate bridges on multiple teeth, as well as make the crown to restore an implant.

Our doctors at Prairie Lakes Dental are all highly trained on using CEREC equipment to the best advantage when making your new crown. Combined, our doctors have spent hundreds of hours honing their skills at the CEREC training facility. More than 25 million restorations have been performed worldwide using CEREC technology. Prairie Lakes Dental is proud to have provided our patients with more than 4000 of those CEREC restorations.

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